High Speed Digital Sublimation Textile Printer
                                      24 hours stable production
                                      Daily output 15000㎡
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                                      Single pass

                                      Singel Pass

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                                      Hybrid Flatbed & Digital Printing

                                      Perfect Combination of ZPJ and DC
                                      Double promotion of output and quality
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                                      Brand advantage

                                      Leading technology, independent innovation
                                      Established in 1992, Atexco has been focusing on the research and development and promotion of digital printing technology in the textile industry for more than 20 years. It has obtained 107 authorized patents, including 19 invention patents and 17 software Copyrights. Moreover, it has twice won the second prize of national scientific and technological invention, 8 first prizes of provincial and ministerial level, and undertaken many national projects to establish the national digital printing engineering technology research center!
                                      • 1992

                                        The company was founded in 1992.

                                      • 28

                                        For 28 years, we only do digital printing

                                      • 2000+

                                        Global 2000 + Customer Identity


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